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Five roses Est Is an official Saudi institution with a commercial register No. 1010488160: specialized in trading through the Internet and computer games, design and programming of special software and software maintenance and design of web pages, data processing, web hosting and related activities and web design.

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Tridder is the first social network dedicated to those interested in the Saudi stock market. The application, one of the first Saudi creative entities to penetrate FinTech by providing a smart platform on mobile phones with ease to open wider areas of learning the Saudi market

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Is an application that answers the question: How do you see me? Feedbakk's goal is to improve personal abilities and capabilities such as improving interpersonal skills and self-development through the evaluation of others and their attachments.

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Is a smart application that helps you know the safety level of your driving car. For this reason some information is needed, it will be included in the driving assessment such as driving speed and driving mode ... Speed ​​is evaluated in a confidential manner and no information is leaked anywhere. You are evaluated anonymously. We wish you a safe driving.

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The app helps you talk with friends and schedule an appointment with them. This application is of high importance to businessmen and class intellectuals who are interested in arranging their appointments.

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